best inflatable paddle boardsbest inflatable paddle boards

Inflatable Paddle Board Guide

Inflatable paddle boards are a brilliantly practical way of getting out on the water with ease. Hydro‑Force™ offer a range of quality inflatable stand up paddle boards for beginners to advanced adventurers and come as a lightweight complete set with everything you need in a handy backpack. Easy to carry and inflatable in minutes, you can be out on the water in next to no time. 

What Are The Different Types Of Paddle Board?

There are different types of inflatable SUP specially designed for different types of adventures and explorations. There are paddle boards designed for long paddling on calm water and others that can do a bit of everything. Some inflatable paddle boards are better for beginners whilst others are more suited to slightly more experienced paddlers. 

Which is the most suitable SUP for you?

Find out more about the different types of Hydro‑Force™ paddle boards

types of inflatable paddle boardtypes of inflatable paddle board

All-Round Stand-Up Paddle Board
Best shape for flat water and small wave riding. Being generally wider and versatile, all around SUPs are ideal for beginners 

Manoeuvrability: Primarily for recreation, this board is made for many different uses and skill levels. As you steer and paddle along, the center fin will help guide the direction you go. 
Stability: The fin and wider structure of an all-around board helps keep it stable as you paddle, working to prevent the board from rolling over on its side. 
Tracking: The fin, along with the shape of the board, make it easier to go in a straight line through the water. The long central fin on these boards will increase its tracking. 
Speed: The structure of all-around boards is wider, making it perfect for riders of all skill levels to coast through the water. 

best all round inflatable SUPbest all round inflatable SUP

Touring Stand-Up Paddle Board

Best shape for longer rides on flat water. Being bigger, touring paddle boards have space for children or dogs and are great for paddle board yoga. 

Manoeuvrability: Perfect for exploring & cruising beyond the shoreline, this board is easy to guide through the water. As you steer and paddle along, the fins will help guide the direction you go. 
Stability: The center core and longer structure work to increase stability throughout the board. The fins help prevent the board from rolling over on its side. 
Tracking: The fins, along with the shape of the board, anticipate a longer excursion. Similar to the all-around board, it’s fairly easy to go in a straight line through the water. 
Speed: The long and wide structure allows for a smooth glide, making it perfect for longer rides and excursions. 

best touring inflatable SUPbest touring inflatable SUP

River Stand-Up Paddle Board

Best shape for longer rides and can be used on flat water or the river. Ideal for more adventurous thrill seekers, stand-up paddle boards for downstream river rides are generally a bit wider for great stability for any challenging or turbulent environments 

Manoeuvrability: Perfect for river waves, this board is easy to guide through the water. As you steer and paddle along, the multiple fins and added kickboard will help guide the direction you go. 
Stability: The fins and wider structure of river boards help keep it stable as you paddle, working to prevent the board from rolling over on its side. 
Tracking: The fins, along with the shape of the board, determine how easy it is to go in a straight line through the water. The mid-narrow nose on these boards will increase its tracking. 
Speed: The board size allows for more flexibility to travel quickly, making it perfect for navigating river currents. 

best SUP for riversbest SUP for rivers

Best Stand-Up Paddle Board For Beginners

Simplicity is best when looking for a beginner's paddle board. Hydro‑Force™ all around SUPs offer the versatility of different uses and different water types making them ideal for anyone wanting to get into paddleboarding. For young or smaller riders, the Aqua Journey offers great stability and is a great introduction to the world of paddleboarding. What’s more, all Hydro‑Force™ SUPs have a large traction pad which means a more grippy and stable surface - perfect for beginners.

Best Stand-Up Paddle Board For BeginnersBest Stand-Up Paddle Board For Beginners

What Size Paddle Board is Best For You?

Width – Wider boards are more stable and narrow SUPs are faster. Our inflatable paddle boards are between 30 and 35 inches wide with 33 inches giving the optimum stability for a beginner or intermediate paddleboarder.

Weight - We specify weight capacity on all our boards and we advise not pushing the capacity to the limit. If you pick a Hydro‑Force™ SUP with a capacity of 120Kg, we’d recommended keeping the weight on the board to 100kg.

Length – Hydro‑Force™ paddle boards ranging from 9ft. - 10ft. Are best for all round paddleboarding, giving you the stability you need in a variety of situations. Our SUPs over 10ft. Are for touring.

Thickness - Our inflatable SUPs are 4.75 - 6 inches thick making them more stable than hard SUPs. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the thickness.

Tall or Heavy? - We recommend a longer board for better stability.

what size paddle board is best what size paddle board is best

What is a Paddle Board Kayak Hybrid / Convertible?

Hydro‑Force™ Convertible Set Paddle Boards offer the best of both worlds between a SUP and a sit-on kayak. With a removable seat and footrest, you can easily convert the SUP into a kayak. Convertible SUPs are great for longer more comfortable rides in a seated position.  

best convertible SUP to kayakbest convertible SUP to kayak

Why Choose Hydro‑Force™ Paddle Boards?

Hydro‑Force™ inflatable SUPs offer all the advantages of hard boards but have been designed for convenience and portability. With everything you need in the box through to the materials used to the board construction, vibrant designs and much more Hydro‑Force™ inflatable paddle boards offer unrivaled affordable adventures on the water.

Complete Set - Every Hydro‑Force™ stand-up paddle board is a complete set so you have everything you need to get our on the water and start exploring.  

Premium features - From extra wide non-slip track pads, collapsible oars and large carry handles as standard to kayak conversion sets, panoramic windows and elasticated cord storage solutions. There is a Hydro‑Force™ board for everyone.  

Portable - Unlike hard boards, Hydro‑Force™ inflatable SUPs are lightweight, easy to carry and easy to store which gives you the freedom to have the best water adventures and the flexibility to easily transport them from A to B.

High Quality - Using only the best materials and construction, Hydro‑Force™ SUPs’ thicker material is generally more stable and flexible than a hard board.  They are built for strength, durability and practicality.

why choose Hydro‑Force™ inflatable paddle boardswhy choose Hydro‑Force™ inflatable paddle boards

Complete Sets

Every Hydro‑Force™ paddle board comes as a complete set with everything you need to get out on the water.  This includes the paddle board, surf leash, hand pump, oar, fin(s), a rucksack and even a repair patch should you ever need it. Everything fits into the handy backpack which also has a little extra room for a towel, wetsuit and maybe some essentials. 

complete set inflatable SUPcomplete set inflatable SUP

Hydro‑Force™ Material & Construction

Tri-Tech™ Material

This 3-ply reinforced material features a polyester mesh core encased in two layers of PVC to provide superior strength and durability. This premium marine-grade material can withstand extreme nautical conditions and exposure to UV rays. Tri-Tech™ is quick drying and crease-resistant, and has been stress tested against weight, strain and movement 

Strong inflatable paddle boardsStrong inflatable paddle boards

Drop Stitch Material
Drop Stitch is the strongest type of construction available for SUPs and provides equal strength and quality to a hard-sided board. To provide this unmatched strength and durability, drop stitch material is a network of thousands of polyester threads that securely connect the surfaces internally. This seals in the air to keep the board rigid, stable and all-weather dependable.

drop stitch inflatable paddle boarddrop stitch inflatable paddle board


TravelTechboards are 40% smaller than standard ones, allowing for easier handling and transport. Additionally, TravelTech™ construction allows the board to be folded vertically and horizontally, giving a more compact shape and requiring a smaller travel bag for convenience.  

travel tech inflatable paddle boardstravel tech inflatable paddle boards

What About Paddle Board Safety?

Hydro‑Force™ paddle boards all include a ’surf’ leash with an adjustable strap. The leash keeps the board tethered to the paddler so that the two are never separated. This is highly beneficial for safety as the board can be used for flotation in any unexpected situations. Please note that quick-release leashes are required for any fast-moving water or strong currents. More info on leashes can be found here

For your own safety, we would recommend wearing a personal floatation device, not paddling alone anywhere secluded or at night, checking the weather beforehand and wear suitable clothing for the time of year.

Hydro‑Force™ paddle board safetyHydro‑Force™ paddle board safety