best inflatable kayaksbest inflatable kayaks

Inflatable Kayak Guide

Inflatable kayaks offer a practical opportunity to get exploring on the water, in comfort, without the hassle of trying to store and transport rigid kayaks. Hydro‑Force™ inflatable kayaks have everything you need in one easy-to-carry bag including air pump, aluminium oars and 2 removable fins in different sizes for directional support in various water conditions. Hydro‑Force™ kayaks are also lightweight and easy to setup. 

What are the different types of Inflatable Kayak? 

There are different types of inflatable kayaks for different preferences. 

Hydro‑Force™ kayaks come in different capacities
with either one, two or three seats, enhanced materials and internal storage solutions to suit personal requirements.

best inflatable kayakbest inflatable kayak

Open style kayak

This style of kayak looks more like a canoe style, featuring high side walls but lower seats than and actual canoe. Open style inflatable kayaks are convenient for getting in our, and even though less enclosed, the higher walls help prevent water from entering the kayak.

open style inflatable kayakopen style inflatable kayak

Sit inside kayak

Sit inside kayaks are the most traditional design, like one-person rigid kayaks, with an enclosed cockpit. This type of inflatable kayak is great for keeping water out in choppy conditions and especially during colder weather when you don’t want cold wet legs.  

sit in inflatable kayaksit in inflatable kayak

Best Kayak for Sea Kayaking

If you’re looking for an inflatable sea kayak, consider the fact that if the water is choppy, you may get water splashing into the kayak. We would therefore recommend a Hydro‑Force™ kayak with a form-fitted construction that helps prevent water from entering the cockpit such as the Rapid™ X2 & X3, Rapid Elite™ X2 and Surge Elite™ X1 & X2. For the more adventurous sea kayakers, we would recommend the Cove Champion™ X1 with its more enclosed cockpit keeping the water away from you. 

best inflatable kayak for sea kayakingbest inflatable kayak for sea kayaking

Best Kayak for Lake & River Kayaking

If you’re looking for an inflatable river kayak or kayak to use on calm water such as lakes, reservoirs or canals, consider a more open style such as the Ventura Elite™ available for 1 or 2 people. Styled more like a traditional canoe, these kayaks are well suited to flat and calm waters and, being more, open, make it easier to pack more things or bring pets along. The premium construction of the Ventura Elite™ can withstand rough and rocky waves of a river. This durable kayak will manoeuvre you down winding rivers, lakes and through calm open water or over the ebb and flow of waves.

best inflatable kayak for rivers and lakesbest inflatable kayak for rivers and lakes

Best Kayak for Fishing

If you’re looking for an inflatable fishing kayak, you’ll need to think about how long you’ll be on the water for. Will you be comfortable? Do you need lots of space for equipment or plan on traveling light? Specially designed for short fishing trips, the 1 person Hydro‑Force™ Korakle includes a fishing rod holder and oar clasps on the side.

best inflatable kayak for fishingbest inflatable kayak for fishing

Best Inflatable Kayaks For Stability And Manoeuvrability

Wide kayaks are more stable, making them better choices for new paddlers and anyone still getting used to kayaking. 
Short kayaks are more manoeuvrable. They are better for quick-moving currents and dodging obstacles.  
Long kayaks or those with V-shaped heels or rudders almost always track better. This avoids that frustrating zigzag paddle path.   

most stable inflatable kayaksmost stable inflatable kayaks

What about Kayak Safety?

Hydro‑Force™ kayaks are robust, versatile well designed to offer stability and safety on the water.  

Care should always be taken when using any floating device on water. If possible, wear a personal floatation device, don't go anywhere secluded alone, don’t go out too far in the sea, check the weather beforehand and wear suitable clothing for the time of year.

inflatable kayak safetyinflatable kayak safety

Are Hydro‑Force™ Kayaks Durable?

Hydro‑Force™ kayaks are made with enhanced durable materials that will hold up season after season and in all weather conditions.

Whether Tri-Tech™ or Inflata-Shield™, these heavy-duty materials make the kayaks tough and puncture-proof and ready for adventure. Hydro‑Force™ kayaks can withstand extreme nautical conditions and exposure to harsh UV rays.

best inflatable kayakbest inflatable kayak

Inflata-Shield Pro™ & Inflata-Shield™

This is an enhanced puncture-resistant material that provides our Hydro‑Force™ kayaks with:
- Superior heavy-duty material that provides an extra strong barrier to better resist puncture. 
- Increased stretch resistance allows for greater rigidity and speed when paddling. 
- Improved pressure retention maximises stability and minimises air loss. 

strong and durable inflatable kayaksstrong and durable inflatable kayaks

Premium Coated Nylon 

Built for the toughest adventurers, the premium nylon coating on the Ventura Elite™ kayak can withstand some of the most harrowing elements. The fabric is oil proof, waterproof, and can endure intense UV rays. The premium nylon coating is also puncture resistant and built to withstand the rough and often rocky waves of a river. This durable kayak will manoeuvre you down winding rivers, lakes and through calm open water or over the ebb and flow of waves.  

premium inflatable kayak materialpremium inflatable kayak material

Tri-Tech™ Material 

This 3-ply reinforced material features a polyester mesh core encased in two layers of PVC to provide superior strength and durability. This premium marine-grade material can withstand extreme nautical conditions and exposure to UV rays. Tri-Tech™ is quick drying and crease-resistant, and has been stress tested against weight, strain and movement

strong inflatable kayakstrong inflatable kayak