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Inflatable Boat Guide

The versatile range of Hydro‑Force™ inflatable boats & rafts gives you the freedom to have the best water adventures. There are family inflatable rafts that are ideal for a day at the beach and, at the other end of the scale, there’s RIBs for more avid boaters. The type of boat expeditions you want to go on will influence which inflatable boat is best for you.

What are the different types of Hydro‑Force™ Boats and Rafts?

Which is the most suitable boat for your adventures? 

If you need something you can easily setup, pack down and transport to and from the beach the Hydro‑Force™ Boats & Rafts are going to be your best option. If you need something a bit more sturdy that can withstand slightly more harsh water conditions and stay set up for long periods of time, take a look at the Hydro‑Force™ Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs)

best inflatable kayakbest inflatable kayak


Rigid Inflatable Boats have rigid hulls and inflatable sides. This means they are extremely sturdy but lightweight. Hydro‑Force™ RIB boats include paddles and have a moulded motor mount so you can add your own motor. These boats are most suited to more experienced adventurers who like to go on longer excursions, to access secluded beaches or to get to a sail boat or yacht.

heavy duty rigid inflatable boatsheavy duty rigid inflatable boats

Boats & Rafts

Hydro‑Force™ boats & rafts are essentially the same thing. They are non-motorised inflatable boats used for recreational purposes and require the use of paddles. These come in all shapes and sizes with a wide range of choice to suit your adventure requirements.  

multi purpose inflatable boats and raftsmulti purpose inflatable boats and rafts

Best Inflatable Boat For The Beach

If you’re having a day at the beach, you’ll want a small boat for paddling a few metres out to sea. The Hydro‑Force™ Trek collection, available in 3 different sizes, is one of the best inflatable boats for families to use at the beach. It's not too big and therefore quicker to inflate. It includes 2 oars and a foot pump.

best inflatable boat for the beachbest inflatable boat for the beach

Best Inflatable Boat for Fishing

The Hydro‑Force™ Voyager™ is one of the best inflatable fishing boats. Available in 3 sizes, it benefits from a sturdy and comfortable floor, oar clasps, wraparound grab rope with built-in gromets and includes fishing rod holders. This allows you to sit back in comfort whilst out on the water, patiently waiting for a bite.

best inflatable boat for fishingbest inflatable boat for fishing

What about Safety?

In comparison to SUPs and Kayaks, inflatable boats are much wider and less likely to capsize.  Hydro‑Force™ inflatable boats and rafts do include a wraparound grab rope so that if you find yourself in the water, you can easily hold on and pull yourself back into the boat. 
Care should always be taken when using any floating device on water. If possible, wear a personal floatation device, don't go anywhere secluded alone, don’t go out too far in the sea, check the weather beforehand and wear suitable clothing for the time of year.  

inflatable boat safetyinflatable boat safety

Are Hydro‑Force™ boats Durable?

Hydro‑Force™ boats and rafts are made with durable materials that will hold up season after season. Whether Tri-Tech™ or Inflata-Shield™, these heavy-duty materials make the boats puncture-proof and ready for adventure. They can withstand extreme nautical conditions and exposure to harsh UV rays.

durable inflatable boatdurable inflatable boat

Inflata-Shield Pro™ & Inflata-Shield™

is an enhanced puncture-resistant material that provides our Hydro‑Force™ boats with: 

  • Superior heavy-duty material that provides an extra strong barrier to better resist puncture. 
  • Increased stretch resistance allows for greater rigidity and speed when paddling. 
  • Improved pressure retention maximises stability and minimises air loss.
heavy duty rigid inflatable boatsheavy duty rigid inflatable boats

Tri-Tech™ Material 

This 3-ply reinforced material features a polyester mesh core encased in two layers of PVC to provide superior strength and durability. This premium marine grade material can withstand extreme nautical conditions and exposure to UV rays. Tri-Tech™ is quick drying and crease resistant, and has been stress tested against weight, strain and movement.  

inflatable boats and raftsinflatable boats and rafts