accessories for paddle boards and kayaksaccessories for paddle boards and kayaks

Accessories Guide

One of the best things about Hydro‑Force™ is that all our products include everything you need to head straight out on the water, however, there is a range of accessories available to make your adventures more convenient, easier, more comfortable, and safer. From changing robes and wetsuit boots to electric pumps and PFDs, there are a few things to consider before you head off exploring.

Do I need a rucksack or bag for my Paddle Board or Kayak?

Hydro‑Force™ paddle boards and kayaks come with a very convenient carry bag that allows you to store and transport your kayak or paddle board. However, if you’re bringing extra accessories along such as a wetsuit, towel or changing robe, food and drink, then you might need an additional bag. If you’re traveling light with only a few extra items, then the included bags are quite spacious and you’ll be surprised what you can fit in there.

Hydro-Force accessory adviceHydro-Force accessory advice

Accessories For Getting Changed And Staying Warm

We’re in the UK and not lucky enough to have the warmest of climates. Sometimes you can really feel the cold when coming out of the water in a soaking wetsuit. The water and windproof Osprey® changing robe is perfect for those colder months of the year and will keep you warm. With a changing mat and wetsuit hangers available, getting changed after your adventures on the water couldn’t be easier.  

warm accessories for paddleboardingwarm accessories for paddleboarding

Accessories For On The Water

Whether you’re boating, paddling or kayaking sometimes you can’t escape the elements or getting wet, so it's good to be prepared for the inevitable.

Spray Jackets - Perfect for preventing wind chill and keeping you dry. These can go over wetsuits or regular clothes and, with bright colours, help you to become a bit more visible.

Water Shoes & Wetsuit Boots - Rather than going barefoot or risking getting your shoes wet, these are ideal for kayaking and paddleboarding for when you need to navigate your way into the water where the terrain is a bit rough or rocky.

Wetsuit Gloves If you’ve got a paddle in your hands, you might get splashed. Wetsuit gloves not only provide you with warmth in the cold months but also grippy palms that offers a better hold of the paddle.  

accessories and shoes for paddle boardingaccessories and shoes for paddle boarding

Safety Accessories Are A Must

For any water sports or water-based leisure activities, you should always wear a portable floatation device. From lifejackets and vests to buoyance belts, even the most experienced swimmers should wear a PFD whilst on the water. Cold water shock and currents can inhibit your ability to swim or stay afloat.  

Find out more about water safety here. 

paddle board safety accessoriespaddle board safety accessories